About Us

Mission Statement

The Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund is a taxable enterprise created by Statute to operate as a private solution to a public problem.  The purpose of the Fund is to assure financial resources are available to owners of property damaged by mine subsidence.  The Fund fills a gap in the insurance market for the benefit of Illinois property owners at risk of experiencing mine subsidence damage.

The Fund does this by:

  • Providing reinsurance to insurance companies for damage caused by mine subsidence
  • Conducting geotechnical investigations to determine if mine subsidence caused the damage
  • Supporting and sponsoring mine subsidence related research and initiatives consistent with the public interest
  • Educating the public and the industry about mine subsidence and related issues.

Core Values:

Financial Stability

by responsibly and rationally maintaining sufficient surplus and embracing financial discipline.


by conducting business in a professional, honest, and ethical manner, inspiring trust and caring about people.


by being responsive and communicative, educating and informing stakeholders, and supporting research.


by being transparent and respectful, valuing diversity, embracing collaboration, and attracting and keeping quality people.